NC, SC amd VA Commercial Security System's Integration

Security System's Integration is the marriage of your access control, CCTV, and intrusion alarm. These three systems working in conjunction with state of the art software permits real time monitoring of your security system. Pop up video can show you who is entering or leaving your facility as it happens.

From intrusion alarms, to Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to access control and even fingerprint or iris scanning, Southern Security Group is an industry leading provider of Commercial Security System's Integration solutions. Tailored to your business with the ability to grow as you grow! Call Us Today Toll Free 888-578-5727. SSG delivers the best solution to any security need.

Integrated Security Solutions

Security Integration in Raleigh, NC

Seemless integration enables us to design and build a system that not only meets your current needs but can grow as your buisiness grows. We work with small businesses, corporations, governnment, correction facilities, and education to integrate hardware and software. From simple intrusion alarms to total integrated security solutions, our experts have years of experience to build a system that matches your needs.


Access Control

Monitoring Services

24/7/365 monitoring is available for all commercial needs. Protection against fire and theft is a major concern for business and industry in the Raleigh area. There is no better way to protect the investments of your business, retail outlet, warehouse, and other commercial use property than with security and fire monitoring services by SSG. We offer a full range of security services for every type of business.

Alarm and process monitoring is available as well as monitoring activity within or outside buildings and manufacturing facilities.


Intrusion Alarms